photo of thomasThomas learned the value of circular economies in his small community in Texas, where reinvesting gains back into the community are not only a matter of social responsibility, but definitive of the success or failure of investment.

An investment that cannot give back to the community is neither sustainable nor successful.

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Thomas believes in the transformative power of catalytic capital.

The determinants of success in a business are first its alchemy of personalities, and second its collection of talents. The essence of catalytic capital is pairing investment with strong alchemies and individual talent, where those talents are directly relevant to a community or social aim.

This approach to investing can reap substantial gains at both the individual and community level.

  • Identifying individuals with relevant talents can enable them to rise to great heights, with important impact for those who are disenfranchised or who have been overlooked or unfairly excluded.
  • When such individuals rise to success, they achieve not only personal prominence, but also pave the way for others. By securing personal success, they serve as an inspiration for others

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Thomas believes that investments should be made in individuals with talents relevant to the community.

When those talents are exponentiated through investment, so too are the benefits to the community.