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Thomas grew up in an environment that not only tolerated but embraced different viewpoints: His father’s side of the family was deeply conservative, whereas his mother’s side was more liberal, even within the conservative beliefs of the South.

As an adult, he’s lived in some of the most liberal places in the country, including Boston, New York and San Francisco. Throughout his life, he has been an avid traveler and has visited dozens of countries.

As a result, he has a global network of friends and business contacts who hail from every continent, who come from all walks of life and represent every major world religion. These varying perspectives have instilled in Thomas the practice of deliberately seeking out those who think, believe, and act differently; for beyond those differences lies the core humanity we all share, and seeing that enables us to celebrate and embrace the rich collage of differences that is the essence of what it is to be human.

Thomas holds the ethic of building bridges in his business activities, philanthropy and travels.


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